Welcome to Campaign for Liberty
MidSouth / Memphis, TN

Our Statement

The political views of Campaign for Liberty – MidSouth/Memphis are based on the United States Constitution. We promote a limited federal government with only a few enumerated powers, leaving everything else to the several States, and the people.

We consider ourselves to be an educational group with a main purpose to promote constitutional principles. We wish to protect our freedoms won in the creation of this great nation, as we rebuked the power of the British Crown with the Declaration of Independence.

It is our duty to ensure the protection of one’s Natural Rights, rights that stem from birth. We believe that citizens should mostly be left alone by the government, in order to do as one pleases. The primary purpose of government is to protect these rights.

The Nation has strayed away from these founding rights, developing into a gigantic central government that has no end expanding their power where no power exists.

The efforts are tremendous in this challenge to correct the wrongs. We can either do nothing, or else, we can do as much as we can. We have chosen activity over surrender.

How Campaign for liberty got Started

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